ABOUT Marketing Tules

We are a full service advertising specialties company consulting on brand recognition and offering a wide range of promotional items and apparel to promote your company, foundation or event.

What makes us different?

We've got a couple acronyms in the industry that we absolutely hate:

CPS- Cheap Plastic Shit. The stuff that gets trashed the minute the receiver gets out of sight (and sometimes right in front of you). We're not here to help you waste your money on future trash. Rather, we focus on quality, usability and durability.

SWAG- Recognizable term but it stands for Stuff We All Get. There are quite a few items that are staple freebies, and we get that. Our goal is to make them unique to help you stand out. 

Meet Shannon Tuley, owner of Marketing Tules. Shannon studied Strategic Communications and Psychology at The University of Kansas. After nearly a decade of being a Marketing Manager here in KC, she now devotes her time to helping clients create memorable marketing campaigns.

"I've been on both sides of the table and understand nobody wants to be sold to. I'm here to help solve problems and increase brand awareness."

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